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Repair or Replace Your AC? 5 Factors to Help

May 12, 2020
Young man electrician repairing air conditioning in client house, Repair or Replace Your AC? 5 Factors to Help | HVAC Service

To repair or replace? Sometimes, the answer is not so obvious—especially if you are dealing with an expensive piece of equipment such as a central air conditioning (AC) unit.

Your comfort, health, and safety always matter most when addressing any part of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. But other issues, starting with your household budget, also come into play.

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Does an Air Conditioner Help With Allergies?

February 28, 2020
Portrait of a pensive woman relaxing sitting on a sofa in the living room in a house interior in winter

Does an air conditioner help with allergies? In one word, yes. Actually two words, yes if. If you properly maintain the air conditioner. Air conditioners can help filter your home’s air and control its humidity, which both help in the allergy world. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), it’s estimated there…

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Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

September 6, 2019

Air conditioning units are commonplace in homes across the U.S. these days. They help keep indoor temperatures comfortable during the summer when you live in a place like Kernersville, NC, where the climate is hot and humid. They can also improve the quality of the air inside your home or place of business. These things…

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Benefits of Financing Your New Cooling System

August 21, 2019

At Sutton Brothers Service & Repair, we know how much the homes in the Piedmont Triad depend on a good air conditioning system. The North Carolina summers can get hot and humid. With a well-maintained system, your house will stay cool and comfortable. However, a new cooling system is a serious financial investment, one that…

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Warning Signs You Need an AC Replacement

July 21, 2019

You may be faced with an inefficient AC unit that is becoming expensive and bothersome to repair frequently. If you are trying to figure out whether it’s time for an AC replacement, consider the following signs. Warm Air Blowing If your AC unit is not producing enough cool air, your home will not feel cool…

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What Is a SEER Rating?

June 27, 2019

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is a measure of efficiency for air conditioners, heat pumps, and other related products. It’s often referred to as a SEER rating. It was established and standardized by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute. It’s still maintained by the AHRI, but the U.S. government established its own SEER standards…

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How to Check Your Home for Costly Air Leaks

April 20, 2019

If you want to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, it’s important to make sure it’s not leaking out air along with your hard-earned dollars. While drafts from underneath doors can be obvious, other leaks can be harder to find. In this discussion, we’ll explore a few simple ways in which you can find these gaps…

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Why Do You Need an AC Tune-Up Every Year?

April 1, 2019

Having an annual AC tune-up comes with many benefits, such as preventing high energy bills, having clean components and decreasing the need for future repairs. It’s highly recommended that all homeowners hire a cooling company to tune up their AC systems once or twice a year. You may have to replace the unit sooner than…

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