Warning Signs You Need an AC Replacement

You may be faced with an inefficient AC unit that is becoming expensive and bothersome to repair frequently. If you are trying to figure out whether it’s time for an AC replacement, consider the following signs.

Warm Air Blowing

If your AC unit is not producing enough cool air, your home will not feel cool during the summer months. Worse yet, you could feel warm air out of your vents. This means that the AC unit is totally not working. You could still be paying high electric bills for an AC unit that is not producing cool air.

Funny Smells

Odd smells could be coming from your AC unit because the wire insulation inside has burned out. A musky smell during operation could be a sign of mildew or mold in your home from excess humidity in the unit itself or inside the ducts.

Loud Noises

If you’re hearing noises during operation, a belt could be loose in your AC unit. This makes a loud noise when the fan is turning. Leaving this unattended for a long time means that other parts could also stop working.

Frequent Major Repairs Are Necessary

Repair needs for your AC unit could start adding up as the unit ages. Major parts could be breaking down before the unit shuts down completely. When your AC system surpasses 10 years, it starts to wear down at a faster rate. Older units may also work less efficiently and not be the correct size to cool your home.

Lack of Airflow from Your Vents

If you let airflow issues drag on for too long, the compressor in your unit may die completely. This means that cool air will not flow out of your vents if any air flows at all. There could also be ductwork problems.

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