When to Consider a New Furnace Installation

Your furnace worked fine for many years, but now you’re experiencing troubles. Often, a minor repair can get things back to normal, but not always. Depending on the heater’s condition, it may need retiring. Homeowners should realize there are some instances when a complete furnace installation is unavoidable.

It’s One Repair After Another

Back-to-back problems happen, but shouldn’t they be rare? If you keep experiencing troubles with your furnace, then the furnace may not be worth keeping. The system may suffer from so much excess wear and tear that it is showing signs of total failure. A brand-new heater isn’t likely to experience problems, and problems that arise will be covered under warranty.

The Repair Job Costs a Fortune

Why pay a ton of money to repair a furnace when, for less than a hundred dollars per month, you can get a new one? Ask the same question when looking at the date you purchased the heater. If the system is an old one, it may make less sense to get it repaired. The team at Sutton Brothers Heating, Cooling and Plumbing of Kernersville works hard at making sure your heating systems run right. The company offers repair and maintenance work upon request. If you need a new heater, don’t worry. Installation services are available, too.

The Heater May Be Dangerous

Gas lines run into the heater to provide fuel. The pilot light ignites the fuel to fire up the burners. Everything seems mundane when there aren’t any problems. If the gas lines end up punctured or damaged, however, the furnace might become dangerous. Sometimes, the problem comes from a lot of corrosion or damage inside the system. If the damage leads to the heater being condemned, then you have no choice but to invest in a new furnace. And that’s a good thing. You don’t want a fire hazard or source of a carbon monoxide leak in the home.

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