Water heater service.

Water Heaters

Given our current lifestyles in North Carolina, most of us consider our home’s hot water a necessity, and when it goes out or we run out, everything in our daily routine seems to come to a standstill. At Sutton Brothers, we offer several options to keep the hot water flowing in your home in the form of either a traditional or tankless water heater. Our plumbing team is happy to install, repair, or maintain your water heater for you.

We are proud you can rely on our plumbing and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) capabilities. Some of our top accreditations include the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Regent Homes Builder’s Choice Award, and Hughes Top 50 Account.

Traditional Water Heaters

If you currently have a traditional tank water heater or if this type is your preference, we have various options when you are considering a replacement tank. Gone are the energy guzzlers of the past—replaced by the modern energy-efficient versions. A newer tank model might be perfect for your lifestyle and needs if a tankless water heater is not a good fit for your home.

When you are in the market for a new water heater and price point is a driving factor, the traditional tank heater may be more appealing than a tankless heater. The tank heaters are typically lower in cost to purchase and install. 

Many times our plumbing professionals can utilize your current plumbing and energy arrangement when installing a new tank. This saves you both money and time when this works out.

Additionally, we can usually install your new tank without changing your current energy supply. We will simply connect your new tank to your current setup.

Give our team a call. We have several options to fit your needs—including financing if that is a concern.

Tankless Water Heaters

More and more homeowners are installing tankless water heaters. If you are not yet familiar with these on-demand water heaters, you may be missing out. 

A tankless or on-demand water heater instantly produces hot water to give you heated water precisely when you want it. No waiting for it to heat up, as can sometimes happen with a traditional water heater. 

While the traditional tank heats up and stores the water in its tank, the tankless immediately heats and sends the hot water through the pipes to the faucet. With no need for water storage, tankless water heaters are very compact and can be installed in an area with limited space. 

Passing over a  natural gas or propane heating element, the water is heated en route to you. Those days of running out of hot water in the shower are long gone.

Tankless heaters also are highly energy efficient. They only use the energy they need at the time they need it, conserving your energy and keeping your utility bills low. Tankless additionally offers installation options with both indoor and outdoor models. These water heaters have something for everyone.

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At Sutton Brothers, our plumbing experts are highly trained and experienced to help you with whatever water heater needs you may have. We are ready to install, repair, or maintain whatever type of water heater works best for you. Contact us at (336) 390-3902 or request service online today to ask any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment here in the Kernersville, NC, area.

“I have used Sutton Brothers in the past for HVAC needs and have never been disappointed so I knew when my hot water heater started leaking they were the place to call. They had someone out to do an estimate quickly and made accommodations for an early morning installation to get me taken care of. Chris and his crew did an outstanding job removing the leaking water heater, installing the new one, and ensuring the area was clean prior to leaving. Would recommend and will definitely use in the future.”

- Ed S.

“Just a great team effort by Mike, Kris and Christian with the installation of our new 50 gallon water heater (enclosed in a new outdoor hut)! All three were very professional, courteous and efficient with this project! Sutton Brothers is a very good company to do business with! We highly recommend this company for water heater replacement.”

- Jerry H.

“Chris C. made a very difficult situation manageable. I’m very thankful that he treated my family like we do matter. There are still some good people in the world. I’m very thankful for his professionalism and his personalism. He was beyond amazing. Grateful.”

- Tiffany B.

“Chris made a really difficult situation manageable for me and my family. I am truly thankful that he treated me like a valued customer and like an human being. I feel like a resolve is on the way. I had a peace of mind when he left.
There are still good people in this world. He was beyond awesome. Grateful for him.”

- Tiffany B.

“Chris and Ivan came to the house to install our water heater yesterday we had had a burst water heater a few days ago. just like everybody else that we have dealt with at Sutton Brothers they did a phenomenal job. It looks so professional compared to what we had before. We are beyond grateful for our experiences with Sutton brothers. We will not use anyone else for anything we have used them for plumbing electrical HVAC they are definitely one stop shop for us!”

- Larry V.

“Our water heater burst and Chris and his son turned around from on their way home to come out and assess the damage as we were dealing with our ceiling leaking and carpet soaked. He calmly helped us and referred a restoration service to us. In my opinion he went above and beyond. We are being thankful for Sutton Bros.”

- Larry V.

“Cody diagnosed the problem with my water heater quickly and explained my options and associated costs. I felt that he helped me understand what I needed to feel. comfortable with my decision moving forward. He gave me detailed pricing and then arranged for the follow up service before he left. Great service experience!”

- Tim M.

“Great experience
Your employee was able to get out and fix the problem the same day. No pressure to up sale but he did provide estimates if more work is needed. Great information to have.”

- Aaron W.

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