Experienced Drain Cleaning Company

Drain Cleaning Services in BurlingtonLet Sutton Brothers Repair & Service be your go-to drain cleaning company when you need service in Burlington, NC, or anywhere in the Piedmont Triad area. Our experienced plumbing specialists have been resolving plumbing drain problems for nearly 20 years. As a locally owned business, we pride ourselves on community service and professional integrity.

Our qualifications include:
  • Nearly 20 years of experience
  • BBB accreditation
  • Received Regent Home Builder’s Choice Award
  • Recognized as a Hughes Top 50 Account

Clear Clogged Drains in Burlington

Clear Clogged Drains in BurlingtonWhen it comes to clearing clogged drains at your Burlington property, we can leverage our experience to quickly find a solution. Our plumbers have several tools at their disposal to clear clogged drain pipes. Most clogs can be cleared with a jetting method that shoots pressurized water into the drain to dislodge a blockage. Tough clogs can be dislodged with a snaking tool, and we have cameras that inspect the inside of your drain pipes. In worst-case scenarios, like tree roots growing in a drainpipe, we can excavate the pipe section that’s damaged and replace it. We can diagnose complex drainage problems that are difficult to locate, too.

Affordable Plumbing Service Specialists

When you call Sutton Brothers Repair & Service, you can be sure that our plumbing specialists will give you a set of effective solutions for your situation in Burlington. They’ll provide a quote before they begin, and they’ll do what they can to control the cost of the job. The available remedies will be tailored to the cause of the drain clog in question.

Some solutions to drain clogs include:
  • Power jetting water through drain pipes
  • Dislodging clogs with a snaking tool
  • Chemical treatments that eat away drain clogs
  • Replacement of damaged pipes

Professionally Trained Drain Cleaners

When you need professionals to clear clogged drains in Burlington, Sutton Brothers Repair & Service is the company to trust. Our staff will diagnose the problem quickly, explain exactly what needs to be done, and provide you with the available solutions. We train our plumbers to work fast and accommodate your needs while they are in your home or place of business. Our plumbing specialists resolve clogged drains efficiently because they know how sewage drains can return if not addressed properly.

We have the experience and equipment needed to clear all types of drain clogs that you might encounter. Call Sutton Brothers Repair & Service today for your drain cleaning service needs in Burlington.