Trustworthy AC Replacement in High Point

Is your current air conditioner getting old and unreliable? Are you spending more money on AC repairs than the unit is worth? Then it sounds like it may be time for a brand-new AC. Here at Sutton Brothers Repair & Service, we provide professional, Sutton Brothers Repair and Service AC Replacement Services in High Point NCaffordable AC installation services to homeowners in High Point, NC. In the city known as the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World,” it’s important to have an air conditioner that upholds that reputation!

We’re proud to offer a full range of high-quality air conditioners and heat pumps from well-known brands. We choose our product lineup to balance affordability with reliability, comfort and energy efficiency. When you get a new AC from Sutton Brothers Repair & Service, you can look forward to years of reliable service.

Sutton Brothers Repair and Service BBB Accredited

Our customers benefit from:
  • Impressive lineup of ACs from national brands
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Award-winning service recognized by Lennox, Hughes and Regent Homes
  • Service performed by licensed, trained technicians

Top-Notch AC Replacement

At Sutton Brothers Repair & Service, we’re proud to offer leading AC installation and replacement services in High Point. Our customers often ask us about the benefits of getting a new cooling system. In truth, there are many advantages to having a new air conditioner or heat pump.

Sutton Brothers Repair and Service AC Installation in High Point NCThe most common reason people get a new AC is to replace an old unit. However, newer units are much more reliable, effective and energy-efficient than older units, so you may simply want an upgrade. A more energy-efficient unit will cost more money up front but will cut down on your monthly energy bills, therefore paying for itself given enough time. Whatever your AC needs are, we’ll work hard on the job while performing your AC replacement.

Signs you need a replacement AC:
  • Airflow from the unit is weak or nonexistent
  • AC experiences frequent breakdowns or mechanical issues
  • Unit has stopped producing cold air
  • Puddles of liquid forming beneath the unit
  • Unit makes unusual sounds like groaning, buzzing or squeaking

High Point’s Trusted Contractors

Ready to bring home a brand-new AC? Consider Sutton Brothers Repair & Service for a reliable and fairly priced AC replacement in High Point. We’re proud of our reputation for offering best-in-class air conditioners from nationally recognized brands. Not only that, but our installation technicians are highly trained and certified, so customers can look forward to an installation as seamless as it is professional. You can count on us for an AC installation for your North Point home! Not looking for an AC installation? We also offer AC repair and maintenance as well as heating installation.