Winston-Salem, NC

Air Conditioning

Nothing feels better than air conditioning during hot, muggy days in Winston-Salem, NC.

Sutton Brothers recommends an annual tune-up to ensure your air conditioner delivers cool comfort all summer long.

We are a full-service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company that installs, replaces, repairs, and maintains air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.

Let our trained professionals inspect and clean your air conditioner every spring before the cooling season starts. We will have it running at peak efficiency in no time.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to your furnace.

Preventative maintenance on the gas or oil furnace in your Winston-Salem, NC home can avert equipment breakdowns and costly repairs.

Our trained professionals at Sutton Brothers recommend an annual fall furnace tune-up to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the heating season. You can trust us to thoroughly inspect, clean, adjust, and replace worn components in your furnace.

We also offer a preventative maintenance plan and 24/7 emergency repair service.

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Heat Pumps

A heat pump can reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills here in Winston-Salem, NC.

[Heat pumps] heat and cool your home by transferring heat to and from the air or ground. They are environmentally friendly because they don’t burn fuel like furnaces do.

Our trained experts at Sutton Brothers are happy to talk with you about the many benefits of installing a heat pump in your home. Let us recommend the best equipment for your comfort needs.

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Air Ducts

If you need to extend air ducts to a recently remodeled or added living space in your home, call Sutton Brothers for expert help.

We have installed, replaced, repaired, and maintained ductwork in Winston-Salem, NC for more than 20 years. Our trained professionals work quickly, deliver quality workmanship, and strive to meet your expectations.

Interested in an installment payment plan? Ask us about financing.

We also offer a maintenance plan with several service and cost options.

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Ductless Systems

Sutton Brothers can help you increase your comfort level year-round by installing a ductless heating and cooling system in your Winston-Salem, NC home.

In a ductless system, an outdoor condenser or compressor is paired with one or more individual indoor air handlers that distribute conditioned air throughout your house.

How do you benefit from a ductless system?

  • Energy-efficient heat pumps can save you money on your utility bills.
  • Air handlers can be mounted on walls and ceilings.
  • Your indoor air quality (IAQ) will improve.

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Indoor Air Quality

If you are working from home these days, you might assume the air you breathe in your kitchen or living room is cleaner than the atmosphere in your office cubicle.

But is it really?

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your Winston-Salem, NC home might be circulating contaminants such as dust and mold into your environment.

Sutton Brothers can determine the source of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home and offer whole-house solutions that work in conjunction with your HVAC system.

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Water Heaters

Your water heater is out of your sight and your mind most days, but it occasionally needs a little TLC.

Let our licensed plumbers at Sutton Brothers keep your water heater running safely and efficiently with an annual preventative maintenance tune-up. Maintenance helps lengthen the service life of your equipment and reduces the need for repairs.

Is the water heater in your Winston-Salem, NC home malfunctioning? Our experts will pinpoint the problem, recommend a solution, and get the job done right.

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Zone Control Systems

Are you ready for the ultimate in comfort?

Let Sutton Brothers recommend a zone control system that will allow you to regulate the heating and cooling simultaneously in different areas of your Winston-Salem, NC home.

Is one room too cold? Crank up its individual thermostat. Is another too hot? Dial the room temperature down.

You will save on energy and utility bills by customizing the way you heat and cool specific areas of your home with a zone control system.

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A preventative maintenance plan from Sutton Brothers can make your life so much easier.

With our plan, you don’t have to lift a finger. We will keep tabs on annual heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) tune-ups at your Winston-Salem, NC home. We will remind you when it is time to schedule maintenance.

We recommend an annual spring inspection and cleaning of your cooling equipment, and a fall tune-up for your furnace or heat pump. Our plan offers options for pricing and benefits, as well as discounts on repairs and diagnostic fees.

Contact us at 336-390-3902 or request service online today.

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Commercial Services

When a plumbing fixture clogs or pipes leak inside your building, it is nearly impossible to continue business as usual.

Sutton Brothers is here to help. Our commercial services team offers timely, sensible solutions for heating, cooling, and plumbing problems at your Winston-Salem, NC business.

Your employees and customers deserve to be safe and comfortable at your business. We can help you achieve that goal by addressing equipment breakdowns and plumbing leaks immediately.

Call us at 336-390-3902 or request service online.

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Plumbing Maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC 27103

“Anthony was great! He explained everything well, was professional & friendly. Everyone should be as lucky to have an employee like him!”
- Kristina T.

Oil Furnace Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27105

“Mark is extremely knowledgeable & a very pleasant person. Will request him for all my repairs. Thanks!”

- Lisa L.

Heat Pump Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27106

“Randy procured the part and fixed our problem in the same day! Great service on this chilly, rainy day. Our heat is back on. Many thanks!”

- Terry B.

Gas Furnace Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27120

“My HVAC servicer arrived on the same day I called in for service. That alone surpasses my expectation from a HVAC service company. I would recommend Sutton Brother to anyone looking for HVAC or plumbing assistance.”

- Kojo A.

Plumbing Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27107

“We had a main water leak close to the house and called Sutton Brothers to have them check it out. I was given a window of 2 hours (10-12pm) when the plumber should arrive. We received a message from Anthony K. That he was on his way and he arrived on time at 10am. Anthony was very professional and friendly. He evaluated the problem thoroughly and gave us 3 options to have the issue fixed. He explained each one to us before we decided on one. He also explained the process and the date and time the work would be done. We are very satisfied with Anthony’s professionalism. He is a super nice and knowledgeable guy. He is a great asset to your team.”

- Michael C.

Gas Furnace Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27103

“I scheduled appointment online, received a prompt email confirmation of my appointment, and a text messages with technician’s name and arrival window. He arrived early, was very courteous, and pleasant to work with. He assessed the issue, explained the repair, provided costs, and then went right to work upon my consent. From start to completion of the job was inside of the original window provided prior to reaching my home. I definitely would call again with my home maintenance/repair needs that Sutton Brothers services.”

- Willette M.

Plumbing Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27104

“Great job! Anthony was very knowledgeable and thorough. He explained things at each step and did a great job on repair of frozen water input lines and cleaned up thoroughly after completion of repair. Would highly recommend!”

- Pamela D.

Water Heater Installation in Winston-Salem, NC 27103

“Our hot water heater died at 11:30pm. I called Sutton Bros. I was told someone would contact me shortly to discuss my situation. Within fifteen minutes I was on the phone with Paul who after sharing my situation advised that they could get someone out the next morning, evaluate my water heater and determine a course of action to include replacement if necessary that day. They were true to their word sending Cody out who was professional, had good manners, and efficient. He made the whole experience less stressful and did a great job!”

- Barry S.

Water Heater Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27127

“He was great! Went above and beyond to fix issue”

- Paul s.

Air Conditioner Repair in Winston-Salem, NC 27127

“Extremely satisfied with my overall service with this company.”

- Daniel A.