Putting the Community First

Here at Sutton Brothers, we believe that family is the foundation of a strong community. That’s why we’re committed to helping all the families in the Piedmont Triad reach their full potential. Through a collaboration with The Salvation Army, we’re embracing this mission and working on an improvement project that will benefit the families of Winston Salem, NC, and surrounding areas.

Salvation Army’s Center of Hope

Just 2 miles north of Uptown Winston Salem, The Salvation Army works tirelessly to serve those in need at the Center of Hope. More than 340 women and children can find a bed here each night, and families receive the social services necessary to get them back on their feet during the day. As the only homeless shelter for families in the area, the Center of Hope serves as a beacon of promise for those in need.

Yet after providing tens of thousands of showers and bathroom services to the families who walk through their doors, the Center of Hope’s plumbing infrastructure was reaching its limits.

Our Commitment to Help

After hearing about their needs, we knew we could step in and help. Our experts at Sutton Brothers decided to fully fund a project that will renovate the Center of Hope’s damaged plumbing system, including water lines, toilets, showers, and water fixtures. By leaving the repairs to us, the staff at The Salvation Army can focus on their expertise, supporting the members of our community who need it most.

Moving Forward Together

During the initial walk-through at the Center of Hope, one of our owners, Jack Sutton, had the opportunity to meet a father and his young child who had recently lost their home. In line with our mission to serve. Jack made sure they had a safe place to stay that night and hired the father for a position on his plumbing team. That family now has a home to live in and their courage reminds us of the importance of sharing our blessings with those around us.

What Makes Us Different

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