How To Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally

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The quality of the air you breathe has an impact on your health. You might not notice negative effects immediately, but noticeable symptoms can arise months or years after breathing poor air indoors. Here are three things you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality naturally.

1. Regularly Open the Windows

Ventilation is critical for healthy indoor air. The air outside of your home is usually of better quality than the air inside. You should regularly open your windows and doors to circulate fresh air throughout your home and to create a cross-breeze. This air circulation aids in removing air pollutants from your home. When the windows and doors are always closed, air pollutants are essentially trapped inside the house without an easy way of being circulated out.

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2. Vacuum the Curtains and Furniture

Dust mites harm your indoor air quality, so you want to minimize them as much as possible. You may already know to regularly dust and clean your home, but you should include weekly vacuuming of your curtains, blinds, tops of door frames, and furniture in your cleaning routine. Some people neglect these cleaning tasks without realizing that dust mites build up in these areas.

3. Use Beeswax Candles to Freshen the Air

Air fresheners aren’t good options for creating pleasant scents in your home because they release VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, into the air, which lowers your indoor air quality. Opt for burning beeswax candles because they actively work to improve your indoor air quality by taking positively charged ions out of the air. Pollutants have positive ions whereas beeswax candles emit negative ions. Air purifiers utilize this phenomenon to improve indoor air quality.

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