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Jack and Jim Sutton, owners of Sutton Brothers were raised in Forsyth County and have called Winston-Salem home for a very long time!

From an early age, their parents Big Jack and Betty instilled the importance of giving back to the community. Both Jack and Jim have been very active supporters of many organizations that help those in need.

When COVID-19 struck, they wanted to do something more to give back! The idea of a "support your favorite charity" campaign was chosen. It is a fun, supporting event that promotes charitable causes in the area. If you have an organization that you would like to nominate, please fill out the form below.

It is a fun, supporting event that promotes charitable causes in the area. Participants click to "vote" for their favorite Holiday Side through the Sutton Brothers website to show their support for City With Dwellings and Family Room. At the end of a 3-week voting period, for every 25 "cumulative votes" received, City With Dwellings and Family Room both get $100 up to $1000 each! You can vote daily (every 24 hours) from multiple devices, so remember to come back & visit.


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City With Dwellings & Family Room!

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Cranberry Relish

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City With Dwellings logo.

City With Dwellings

City with Dwellings began in 2012 as an ecumenical collaborative response to a critical need for Winter Emergency Shelter for homeless individuals in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County. Church and community leaders mobilized and engaged local congregations, community groups, and civic organizations to provide shelter and care for the community’s most vulnerable. Six years later, City with Dwellings is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we are able to maintain connections with these vulnerable individuals year-round through street outreach, case coordination, advocacy, and programming at the Community First Center.

City With Dwellings lounge area.

City with Dwellings’ approach to working with vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness is based on a model of sustained, supportive community with the values of welcome, mercy, compassion, and advocacy informing everything we do. We believe in the inherent worth of every person and honor the time staff and volunteers spend building relationships and trust with persons struggling with homelessness.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘it takes a village.’ At City with Dwellings, we prefer ‘it takes a city’ to build community and end homelessness.

City With Dwellings volunteers with arts and crafts.
City With Dwellings volunteer.
City With Dwellings assisting those in need with new clothes.
Family Room Triad logo.

Family Room Triad

Family Room Foster Care Resource Center exists to love, encourage and support families that foster and the children in their care. For babies, children and teens who come into foster care alone and with nothing, our Provisions Program is a support available 24/7, that allows them to immediately get everything they need coming into a new foster home. For foster parents who are receiving children into their homes, at a moments notice, and are tasked with the responsibility of getting the kids everything they need, our Provisions Program is an immediate support 24/7, free of charge, that provides all the items the kids need, allowing the families to focus on meeting all the other needs the children have. We never want a family to say no to a placement call because they do not have the finances on hand to get the children what they need. We never want a child who has just lost their family, their home and all their things to go without what they need.

We are staff led and volunteer run. We believe that children facing the challenges of being in foster care are the responsibility of our community so we bridge the people who are fostering with those that want to help. Not everyone can foster, everyone can help.

Family Room Triad Baby Supplies.
Family Room Triad Toys.
Family Room Triad Clothes.
Family Room Triad Furniture.

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